Daily Tax Tips January 2012



Welcome to Tax Season 2012.

With the arrival of the annual march to the tax filing deadline, Don't Mess With Taxesresumes the popular Daily Tax Tip feature.

Just like last year, you'll find a tip a day -- Saturdays,  Sundays and federal holidays, too; that that you slackers at the IRS! -- to help you finish up your 2011 tax return or implement some tax planning strategies to reduce your 2012 tax bill.

The tips will run through year's filing deadline of April 17.

Many of the tips will be courtesy of Bank rate's annual tax guide, of which I'm a contributing editor. Others will be new posts from me as I don my DMWT hat.

Watch for the day's new tip in the upper right corner of the ol' blog. I'll try to get it up as early in the day as my other duties and life's constant happenings allow.


Since there ultimately will be 100 tips -- thank you Leap Year for getting us to a nice round number -- the tips will be broken up into separate pages for each month. At the end of this January list, you'll find links to tips for February, March and April (through, as I mentioned, the April 17 tax-filing deadline) as those months arrive.

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